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15 Feb 2007

The Envelope
The Couple
The Who
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I Conquered Roma (Berhari Raya Di Rome)

The Roman Conquest
Was Once My Arena
Where I used to Bath
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Hari Raye Kedua, aku terpakse pergi ke Rome, sebab all the hotel rooms are fully booked. Kalau ade pun memang mahal, more than 350 Euro. So, I decided to stay out of Firenze for just that one night. Because only on that day I don't have a place to stay. And I chose to go to Roma. And I've not even booked a room kat Rome. So gamble je lah. But there are more hotels in Roma compared to Firenze. And I felt the good vibe that there's gonna be a place for me to stay. Bought myself the 12.53 noon train ticket to Rome.

12.53 noon - Bertolak pergi Rome
2.30 pm - Sampai kat Rome Termini

Sampai je kat Roma Termini, I made my way to the lastminute hotel reservation. Reserved myself a single room close to the Coleseo area. Bought myself a Metro (kire macam LRT lah) ticket. This is something that I like about Roma. With just 1 Euro you can get yourself to the end of the track or even between lines. There are only 2 lines. Line A (red line) and line B (blue line). And for 4 Euro you get a whole day pass. Well, that to me is cool. So, I took line B. Making my way to the Coleseo station. Tapi on that day, Coleseo station was closed because ade some political demonstration. Had to stop at Cavour station and walk to the hotel by foot. Tak la jauh sangat. Checked in the hotel. And tanpe berlengah, went out straight away for sight seeing. Asked the hotel people what I need to see in Rome. They were really helpful and gave me a list.

To be continued...

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Sehari Di Siena

Duomo di Siena
Piazza del Campo'
The Unicorn
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Gambar nie semua I ambik mase weekend trip to Siena. I personally think that Siena is one of the nicest city in the Tuscan region. Bandar die memang nampak bersih kalau nak compare dengan Florence or Pisa.
Kene plak time my trip to there was the preparation ceremony to honour a winning horse. But I didn't stay until the ceremony.
Siena is on top of a hill surrounded by a wonderful scenery. So, kalau dah sampai ke Tuscan region, don't forget to make a trip to Siena. It's worth it.

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Terbang - First Entry

Terbang Lagi
Terbang Lagi dan Lagi


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